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Enchanting Holidays



Talaingod a haven of culturally sensitive,God Fearing,Self reliant,vigilant,empowered and healthy indigenous people and settlers,living in a clean,safe and balance environment with viable economy,founded by transparent and participative governance,within the framework of decent,progressive attractive and sustainable development.



To provide social protection and promote the rights and welfare of the poor,the vulnerable the disadvantaged individuals and families and facilitate in the mpowerment of communities to foster self-reliance,thus improving quality of life



  • To foster the development of children and youth
  • To provide care and protection and rehabilitation to children and women,in especially difficult circumstances.
  • To provide services in disability prevention and rehabilitation of persons with disability.
  • To promote the rights and welfare of the elderly
  • To promote the welfare of women and ensure gender sensitivity and equality
  • To enrich and strengthen socially disadvantaged families
  • To develop the capability of marginalized communities to foster social change,and
  • To provide timely and appropriate assistance to victims of calamities and individuals in crisis situations.


The Eight Norms of Conduct


  1. Commitment to public service
  2. Professionalism
  3. Justness and sincerity
  4. Political neutrality
  5. Responsiveness to the public
  6. Nationalism & patriotism
  7. Commitment to democracy and
  8. Simple living